Monday, September 29, 2008

About Hope

I came across this quote from Robert Kennedy, and thought it is quite inspiring.  I'll share it with you.

Everything you do, no matter how seemingly insignificant, helps.  As Robert Kennedy put it in this quote:  

"Each time a person stands up  for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he or she sends a tiny ripple of hope.  Crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring,  these simple ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The setting that Rachael and Matt chose for their wedding was the great outdoors.. in Beacon Rock State Park just east of Stevenson, WA and it was absolutely perfect.  There was a camping area where the -- ummm -- younger folk set up tents and camped for the weekend.  (Then there was the hotel at Carson Mineral Hot Springs where some of the rest of us rested.  and that's the kind of camping that works well for me.... hot water, shower, flush toilet, bed... etc!)  There were a couple of "rustic" buildings where food was prepared and set out, grilling area, small bunk houses where the liquid refreshments were set up, a pavilion where the ceremony took place, a warmish, sunny day in a lovely woodsy setting!  

We got there in time for the rehearsal Friday night and then dinner.  Rachael's sister, Sarah, organized, prepared and put out an amazing and delicious array of food... both for the rehersal dinner and for the reception!  Sarah and a crew worked all week getting it ready and i gotta say.. it was impressive!  Both Rachael and Matt appeared to be having a wonderful time, all weekend!  

i do have more photos to put up, but not tonight.  you can see them on my flickr account, link in the right hand column.

big day tomorrow... i can start talking again!!  not blabbing full speed ahead.. but just a little bit of actual talking.  oh, yeh, did i say i had my afternoon at Kaiser Outpatient surgery?  had a couple of hours of chemically induced sleep, i'm told that the polyp on my vocal cords was removed, my throat is sore from being intubated, i was kind of goofy for a few hours afterward, and had Jim by my side pretty much all weekend to remind me to not talk!!  Looks like i'll make it for 3 full days of silence... then i'm talkin' again.  

Rachael and Matt's wedding

and a wonderful wedding event it was!!

Here's Rachael wearing the shawl that she knitted from yarn she spun!  it is really gorgeous!! (and so is Rach)

this is my candid photo of the photog getting Rachael's family all "organized" for their photo.

getting ready to cut the cake.

Rachael and her mom, Pam, conferring about something before the wedding...

and then me and Jim enjoying the reception!  (see.... my mouth is closed... no talking... and damn that was difficult!)

Monday, September 22, 2008


it is one of those most perfect of mornings here in my queendom, on this first day of autumn.  the only sound is the chattering of the birds, the sun is shining, the twiglets on the fir tree outside my window are just barely moving in the soft breeze.  and this must be a sure sign of fall.... a very fluffy-tailed squirrel just scooted down that fir tree and seems to be searching in the brush for something to eat... or store away for later.

and now back to the regularly scheduled sorting, packing, tossing, and cleaning to get the house ready to list with the realtor.  there is an end in sight!!  in 8 days we leave for Denmark and then on to Crete for almost 2 months!  and before that, i'm having outpatient surgery on friday to remove a polyp from my vocal cords (general anesthetic, which causes me a bit of anxiety),  after which i'm supposed to not talk for at least 3 days... eeeek.  and after the surgery we'll go up to a park in the Columbia Gorge where Rachael and Matt will be married on Sat.  Jim and I will stay at the Carson Mineral Hot Springs Hotel, a funky very old hotel which features soaking tubs, followed by a wrap in warm sheets and quiet time in a darkened room.  there are also massages available by appointment... and we hope to have a hot soak and the massage!!  Rachael and Matt were here on Saturday to talk with Jim about the wedding, since he will officiate the ceremony.  it really sounds like it will be a fine celebration.  if i see you at the wedding, i won't be talking... but you talk and i'll listen and nod!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

check the facts

If you aren't sure about the truth of some of the statements you hear, check them out before either accepting them or passing them on.  I am seeing that there are too many half-truths, exaggerations and outright lies flying around... and yes, i'm talking about political campaigns.  And yes, i am proud to be a tree-hugging, granola- and arugula-eating, birkie-wearing, peace-loving, war-hating... etc, etc... liberal!  Right now I'd love to hear the candidates talk about the ISSUES and stop slinging crap.  Check the facts

and now i'll return to painting the kitchen, hoping i don't trip on bags for good will and/or boxes for storage as i make my way to the kitchen.  not much fiber or fun going on around here.