Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the earthy life in Vamos

sitting on my balcony around 5 pm, i heard the sound of baa-ing and sheep bells, grabbed my 
camera, and there came the flock down the street, following the shepherd... and bringing up the rear was a dude on his motorcycle and a scruffy dog. it all seemed to go smoothly, tho a few lambs went for grass they saw along the way and had to be gathered back into the flock!

dear goddess, i do love life here!  and am so very happy we found this little piece of paradise
9 years ago!

Monday, October 28, 2013

celebrating in Vamos

from our balcony.  view of Lefka Ori (White Mountains)

today is the Oxi Day celebration, description in previous post.  this is an important holiday all
over Greece, and in our village with church bells and chanting by the priest before the marching takes off up the main street to the village square where there is a ceremony and speeches.  we didn't go
up there for that part of it.  just watched the parading part.

getting the littles organized was like herding cats.  the 2 who wore traditional outfits got to walk
at the front of their group.  lots of moms and teachers helping here!

  then the bigger kids
    and the drummers

Saturday, October 26, 2013

fantasy island! the good life..

already a week has gone by ... and the days are speeding by too damn fast!  some days we don't go out of our house til mid-afternoon, then yesterday we were on our way before 9a.m walking up to the pre-school.  Friday was the beginning of the celebration of "Oxi Day", which is monday. (pronounced O-hee and means "NO")  This commenorates the day in 1940 when Greek Prime Minister Metaxas responded to Mussolini's demands that he would occupy Greece.... OXI.  (check wikipedia for more on this).  it is a really big celebration in Greece.  on friday the pre-school kiddos (2 of our friends have 3-year-old girls who attend the school), so we were honored that we were invited to see the kids presentation.... it was kind of a practice for their part in the big parade on Monday.  i plan to be in my front row seat at the taverna by 9am so i  can watch the celebration.  after the pre-school thing we all (6 adults and 2 kids) went to nearby village of Vresis for coffee at a park where the kids could play while we had coffee and food.  warm, gorgeous day and there was a group of high school musicians playing their traditional Greek instruments... what a treat!

later we all met at Berend and Gina's for wine before walking to the newest eating place in Vamos which features mediteranean food with Turkish and Greek influence and it was really unusual and delicious.  my favorite was artichoke bottoms with lamb in a lemony sauce.  there was also camel and cheese pie... a thin pastry-filled concoction with dried camel meat and soft cheese... also yummy!  a a variety of other foods.  we trusted Gina and Elena to order many dishes which we passed around.  by the end, our table of 6 (+2 who didn't spend much time at the table) had increased by 5 (+1).  finally, the place was so crowded and noisy that we went back to Berend's.

right now we are at Ano Kato celebrating Jim's Greek name day... Dimitri... with ouzo and internet.

Gina and Daphne at the park... having an OJ break
the local musicians practicing for Oxi Day

this is out of order, but couldn't resist the grapes at Elena and Toine's

a taverna at the park

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

trying to post from Crete

at Ano Kato cafe for ouzo fix.
and here is Bruno, friend of many... esp those with food to share.

so we did make it here to our sweet village, Vamos, Crete.

have seen many friends, eaten well, enjoyed naps ad lib.  life is good... no, it is wonderful and full!

this is my happy happy place!

so his not working well.  there were 6 photos, now2


Saturday, October 12, 2013

grape harvest at dome central

this cluster of grapes was taken a few weeks ago.  i didn't take as many photos as i shoulda/coulda.... but i was being held hostage in the kitchen preparing eats for the troups.  there were about 12 people who (kindly) came out to help Jim finish up his harvest, then crush and get the juice into carboys to ferment.

Carla, our friend and highly esteemed house and dog care person while we go away, seems to like working the stemmer crusher... i have photos of her doing the same last year!  and she is still smiling.

finally the helpers got fed!  Carla and Dave (doesn't look like it here, but there was lots more wine consumed than beer)

Luke Hough... son of David the potter down the hill at Roads End Pottery... interested in the growing and processing of the grape.  wish David could have been here, but he's preparing to move to Sisters!

Matt teaching Donovan about the world.


Matt and mini-Matt enjoying a sunny October day at dome central.

i must say that i'll be happy when this harvest thing is finished!!  i really do love seeing these friends and am so happy they are willing to come out here and join in (help Jim) with the harvest etc.... but, damn... it doesn't fit with my semi-hermit life style to have clean and cook and be pleasant twice a week for a month.  that's kinda bitchy, huh?  well, it is what it is.

and i am SO looking forward to leaving next thursday for 3+ weeks in Crete... do nothing but eat, sleep, drink local wine and raki, listen to books (have a few waiting on my iPad) and knitting and seeing friends and maybe going to a raki-making event and who knows what else......

Friday, October 04, 2013

siberian husky

husky attitude!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

OFFF - Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

this past weekend was the OFFF at the Canby, OR fairgrounds.. and weatherwise was probably the nastiest Sept. weekend in memory with record rainfall and high winds.  what is usually an awesome event with many many vendors on the expansive lawn, demonstrations, groups of spinners and fun throughout the weekend was a huge disaster for many people.  a few of the outdoor vendors braved it out, but understandably, many folded their tents and went home.  of the happy vendors in the buildings, Woolgatherings was dry and happy.  they have done their time on the lawn with their fibers... in the rain, but nuthin like this!  hanging at the left of one of their colorful displays of roving Kate and Chris hung the sweater i made for the Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters book.  Zylie finally outgrew it, so now it goes to shows as an example of what can be done with this kind of hand-dyed fibers.  ok... it made me proud and brought a smile to see it hanging there.

Chris, The Wool Guy in the booth.  he got a bit of grief from some of his co-workers who saw this photo on facebook.  but he handles that well and seems to really enjoy sharing the work of the business with Kate.

i sure do wish i'd taken the Chris and Kate photos in front of their colorful displays rather than by their undyed fibers... not nearly as bright as they could have been.

  so... there you have evidence of my short visit to OFFF.  the kids had been relaxing at home with us (dry and warm!) til i took them to meet up with their parents.  i didn't stay long as there were big winds and heavy rain forecasted for the afternoon, and weather weeny that i am, i darted back home to avoid that experience!  didn't buy a thing (highly unusual!), but did inquire at the Woolee Winder booth about ordering one for my Van Eaton wheel.  don't think i'll go for the $350 cost and likely long wait for it.