Friday, February 20, 2009

dinner with Sonia

On Tuesday, we got a call from Sonia saying she's in town for surgery.  this was a huge surprise as she and Ryan have been in the Peace Corp in Burkina Faso, Africa for over a year.  the short version is that they were in a bus accident 6 months ago, Ryan's shoulder got messed up and Sonia's hip was broken, Peace Corp flew them to So. Africa to get fixed, when Sonia went for her 6 month check-up a couple of weeks ago they found that she is still broken, so sent her home for another surgery which she had yesterday.  the photos here are from tuesday night when Sonia came out for dinner (it was Jim's night to cook and it was lovely!!)  Since what they eat in their village in Africa bears very little resemblance to what they were used to at home, Ryan encouraged her to eat lots of the foods she loved and drink some "estate" wine.  She's been workin' on that.  We did what we could to help.  and took some photos for Ryan.... and here are some of them:  top down - broiled salmon and veggies, chips and salsa, Sonia and our dogs, and a toast to Ryan!
Hope you enjoy the photos, Ryan.  We'd have loved seeing you, too!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Madrona Yarn Market

We didn't quite make it for the Saturday opening of the Yarn Market at Madrona (in Tacoma), but we did get there well before everything was all sold out!  went to Everett first to pick up Pam, then went on to Tacoma, found the hotel,  and lunch... then went shopping!  and it was great to see some familiar faces and get some hugs (always sweet... esp. Morgaine).  first photo is the yarn i couldn't resist (displayed upon the high chair which was made for my dad by his grandfather.  my dad is almost 93, to give a time perspective!)

and Zylie was enamored with the yarn and wanted to hold it for a photo.

it was a really fine day.. and we got home in time for the Valentine's dinner, which was a delicious lasagne, fresh baked bread and a heart shaped ice cream cake from B&R... which Chris, Alex and Zylie presented and we loved!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

sunday in duvall

Tiki... trying to ignore it all!

Alex watching SpongeBob

Z looking like a very demure princess 

and Chris working (or something)

dyeing day

Kate wanted to try fiber and yarn dyeing!... so i took an assortment of acid dyes up there with me, and Sunday was dye day, and i have to say that Kate showed great enthusiasm and talent and spent the whole blessed day from 11a.m. til almost 6pm immersed in the process.  the photos show some (but not all!) of the results... which were quite spectacular and beautiful!  I did a couple of the rovings (was trying to recreate "Spot", without huge success) (i haven't done any dyeing since last summer, probably august) (and i miss it, but everything for dyeing is stored away)  Enabler that i am, i sent Kate the link for ProChem, where i buy my dyes, and she was off and shopping.  She has a really great set-up for fiber dyeing.... their house used to have a completely separate apartment, which means there is a complete and spacious kitchen which is perfect!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

fiber content!!

I've just finished my third pair of Spirogyra fingerless mitts (Lynne Vogel )
The yarn is a merino/bamboo that i dyed sometime last summer... or fall... or spring.  well, at least i'm pretty sure that I dyed it.  Obviously, i enjoy knitting them!

I'm going by amtrak tomorrow to Seattle, then Duvall.. and am SO looking forward to some time with Alex and Zylie and their parents :-}  It has literally been months since i've been up there!   Kate and i are probably going to Tacoma to the Madrona fiber fest... just to check out the market... probably on Sat.  And, Kate wants to try fiber dyeing, so i'm taking a bunch of dyes with me, probably way more than i need to take, but better too many color choices than wishing i'd brought more.  and she took home a supply of fiber last time she was here.  So, it looks to be a fibery weekend!  Planning to come home on tuesday, but that could change.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

a good day!!

though it started too early by my standards, we were up at 8a.m. doing the cinderella routine for a 10a.m. real estate visit (and the inner cinderella is past ready to be done with this summoning).  some real estate rules of conduct say that we must vacate the premises during a visit, so Jim took the dogs out for  long walk and i went to good will and had a successful search!  found a pretty 6-cup tea pot and some fabric yardage for the quilting stash... about 2 yards for 
$3... bravo!  went back home about 11 to get ready for a twisted sister fiber day of spinning, knitting, having show and tell, grazing (of course).  we had almost the complete contingent of sisters, (10 of us) but missed Linda, Lynne and Alina.   it's been many months since we last got together, so we had lots to catch up on.  and the grazing table was, as always, loaded with such good treats.... and oh my dear goddess!  my chocolate needs were very well met.... mmmm.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

disappointment.... :-{

well, it's pretty evident to me that some slackers somewhere didn't do enough in the crossing of digits!  the sunday appointment didn't come on account of illness... agent called Sat. night and left a message which dh didn't pick up til we were almost out the door of the spotless and sparkling house.   we went out anyway and took my dad out for lunch.

i'll get some photos up tomorrow of the almost finished sweater.  i'm jazzed now and anxious to get it done.  Lynne sent me some really delicious handmade ceramic buttons from her stash.  i have a couple in my stash that would work... and now together with hers i think i'll have enough and they will look gorgeous.  We both bought a bunch of them at SAFF a year ago.