Wednesday, January 22, 2014

fiber >>> yarn >>> finally

by very good fortune, i came home from Duvall after xmas with several batches of very lovely spinning fiber which Kate had rejected as not up to her standards/quality control.  this is BFL/silk, a delight to spin into lovely yarn.  i love how the copper shows up as a subtle glow in the yarn.  already spun is a blue/black alpaca/silk destined to be featured in something very special.

today was another in a series of doctor appts, then dentist after brunch with my sister Robin.  we went to a small cafe (Biscuit) in Beaverton and i ordered eggs benedict and was not disappointed.  wish i'd taken a photo... it was lovely!  ummmmm

Sunday, January 19, 2014

not Luna

Jim and Tasha took the trip to Woodburn today to Project Pooch to meet Luna and see if she might be the right one for us to adopt.  (see 1/15/14)  Tasha seemed vaguely interested in sniffing her, but Luna returned the gesture with a growl.  seems Luna doesn't much like other female dogs, evidenced by her
behavior toward them at Pooch.  so, after the 2 were observed together by people in charge there, it was decided that this would not be a good match.  they suggested that we try to find a male husky and will be looking for one for us, and in the meantime we will continue our search.

and i'm still in search for the return of my energy and initiative to do something... anything... tho i do feel the stirring need to create something... spinning, knitting, quilting, dyeing... i've only managed to spin most of a braid of fiber i got from Kate at xmas and some practice surface embellishment on fabric.  trying to perfect feathers so they look like light, airy, floaty things... not clumps of random stitches.  also, want to work on hands and spirals for a piece that's in my mind for "soon".  and, of course, i have that huge need/desire to get outside... prune my roses and clean up a lot of pots, dead stuff etc around the beds.  still haven't gained back any of the 6 pounds i lost while in hospital, tho appetite is pretty much back to normal... and i'd sure love some bacon!  takes time, i guess... and i'm not feeling  very patient.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project Pooch


Siberian Husky
4-5 years old
49 lbs
Needs a home with no childrenLuna needs a home with no cats or other small animals

we feel like we're a 2-dog family and miss Meika in all her Siberian Huskiness, so are looking at finding another Siberian to keep poor lonely Tasha company (and us, too).  Tasha came from Project Pooch approx. 9 years ago, so we checked out again and found Luna looking for a family of her own.  we are still doing the checking into, but she is definitely a good possibility.  now we need to take Tasha with us and go for a visit with Luna.  the next step, if this looks like a good "fit" would be that they would bring her here for a visit and if all goes well, she would have an over-night with us... and then if that goes well, we would adopt her.  can't believe i'm thinking of signing up for lots more years of  wall-to-wall husky hair all over the domain, but they really are wonderful pets and members of the family!  and yes, they indeed DO have attitude!

and another good one from Wild Woman on facebook:.......

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm back....

well, i guess i need to start somewhere!  the past couple of weeks have been rather a blur.  new year's eve i started having what seemed like a re-run of late Nov. cold/flu/not well feeling.  by thursday evening had a fever of 103 and could hardly breathe.  went to bed and soon called J to help me get to bathroom and then call 911... and you know i had to feel like crap to get to that point.  so, rescue came, went to ER,spent several hours with the tests, xrays etc., and diagnosis that it was probably pneumonia and not flu.  soon joined there by family support...  Jim, who had followed the ambulance from home and Robin, Chuck and Curbie.  finally admitted and put to bed.  it's been many years since i've been in hospital and hope it's many more before i'm there again.  the care and attention was beyond excellent... the major problem being that all that left no time for sleep.  i was at the new Kaiser Westside Medical Center, with state-of-the-art everything... including a computer on a pull down to my level arm where i could click on a menu for choices on all meals and snacks,  scheduled to be delivered whenever i wanted to have them.  really!  and the food was pretty good.  and the nursing and other staff seemed to be cream-of-the-crop people.  Kaiser seemed to have had an advantage in recruiting staff... offering this new facility plus some definite perks that come with working for them.  there were people from hospitals all over Portland and (almost) every one that i dealt with seemed highly qualified. so, after 5 nights there... i'm home in my queendom and ever so happy to be here.  energy is coming back!!  and so happy i've banished that dark thought that lives in the back of my mind that goes something like "you get old, you get pneumonia, then go to the hospital and die".  the other version includes broken hip.  too grim and depressing?  but i'm here and getting ready to rock and roll and get going on all that stuff i still need/want to do.  and i owe SO much gratitude to my family care team and advocates who were there every day and offered wise input to medical, nursing and axillary staff.... Robin and Judy.  also, Curbhead who came to read one of my fave crazy books to me and offer his support, and my very important man of my life, Jim, there for me always and trying to understand what the hell was going on. and having Chris come down from Duvall for 2 days meant more than he will ever know!  as his gramma often said.. "he is the SWEETEST boy"!  and now he is a very sweet and loving man.  and so, the end to that saga.


Wednesday, January 01, 2014