Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ellen, Lynn, Judy, Carole and the back of Crystal's head
every year Linda has a party around holiday time for her staff... all who work at the shop and teach there.  happily, i'm "grandmothered" in as a former teacher there, and i do sporadically bring in yarns and dyed fibers to sell there... so i get to party with them!!  this year the party was at Linda's beautiful home in the country.  (damn! forgot to get a photo of the house)  anyway, here we are talking, laughing and fibering... also got in some quite fine grazing.
Jane, Ellen, Lynn, Judy





Saturday, January 22, 2011

quilt finished!!!

finally got this done for the new baby of friends in Vamos!  her name is Iris... mom is Elena from Greece and Albania, daddy, Toine, is from Holland.  will really be happy to see them again in april.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

a sunny day!

i love this bird feeder!  it's suctioned to the kitchen window and tho it doesn't seem to be the favorite choice, the birds will come to it when the other feeders are crowded.  it's like having a bird's eye view..... oh dear god did i really say that??.... of them from my kitchen window.
it was an unusually sunny and warmish day, so i decided to prune my roses.  of course, got distracted by dead sunflowers stalks and other misc which needed to be pulled up.  spotted a ladybug who did not fly away.  prob. was still too cold for her to be very lively.

also spotted a vigorous looking volunteer poppy which i must remember to protect from he-who-indiscreminately-weeds-the-garden.
and then i found the hellebore which has abundant buds... just needed to pull away the dead clematis vines around it.  love this one!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

there and back again

Alex waiting patiently (?) for dinner!

Tiki, the resident big dog and Cocoa, the temporary boarder dog who doesn't know she's little.  Tiki was ever so generous with sharing the attention and her pillow.  she seemed a bit baffled about the busy, scampering little one and did try to play with her, but it just didn't work out.


 part of the evening entertainment was the new xbox beatles band... quite good really.

Chris puts some quite elegant meals on the table!!  this is pork roast grilled in bacon weave.. mmmmm... really fine!
another special treat... scallops wrapped in bacon.  notice a theme here?  it's lovely that he likes being the chef and that he comes up with great creations. watch for his food blog... really...

and now i'm home again and it's pouring rain.  the predicted snow and ice didn't show up here... and i'm glad about that, but would be happy with more sunshine.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

me and my grandboy!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

life is...

"Life is wild and sweet,
It is a melody, a shout,
a cry from distant forests,
from undiscovered horizons,
in unknown nights."
                                                                                         (author unknown)