Wednesday, January 18, 2006

new stuff, but nothing fibery

Lynne just started a blog and since she told me how to put links in my blog(!!) here's the link:

i was feeling pretty clueless and pitiful because i could not see the icons she described... then i switched from Safari to IE and still had no luck. finally, thought i'd try the dell, and woohoo... here it is! much as i love my mac, i sure do wish the rest of the world would fall in line here and get behind mac!!! on the other hand, by keeping the brain cells firing with trying to figure out this techie stuff, maybe i am warding off the dreaded alzheimers.

also, received the cds i just ordered from Amazon... The Anonymous 4 (who i recently discovered and fell in love with) American Angels and 1000 A Mass For The End of Time. and both are every bit as glorious as i'd hoped they'd be. i was a bit leery when looking at the titles of the tracks on these because of the religious nature, but love the first one i heard so much (The Origin of Fire) that i decided to take a chance. i'll write more about this music later. headed for bed now..........

Thursday, January 12, 2006

lookin' better

Some improvements going on here! The rain stopped long enough today that the sun actually showed itself, and tonight I could see the almost-full moon. And the big improvement is that my handyman (very dear dh) climbed up the ladder while it was still raining and fixed the leak over my studio (thanks for your good wishes, Charleen... it must have helped!!) And the drain problem seems to be improving after pouring some bionic-super-good-for-the-septic-tank stuff down it. AND, as i was looking for a knitting project so as to avoid the neverending stole for awhile, found a little sweater I started for Zylie (who knows how long ago), which looks like about a size 4 or 5 so i'm ahead of her there, which looks like a good project. will take some photos tomorrow. it's purple, pink (2 shades), green, lavender and varigated.... love the colors! I was actually amazed at how many UFOs I discovered lurking in those big plastic storage bins, disheartening in a way, but on the other hand lots of kind of mindless stuff to work on without having to plan out a new project.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

whoo hooo

I finally gave up waiting for Cinderella to show up here for cleaning duty! (Goddess knows she is needed here) I've always wanted a robot to call my own which would clean the floors for me... so went to and ordered a Roomba vacuuming robot. If it lives up to the advertising, I'll be a most happy woman... and the floors will at last be cleaned regularly. This little miracle even has a scheduling feature which allows me to program it to automatically do the cleaning at a scheduled time.... whoopeeee and bravo. I keep thinking about the SNL bit... an "ad" extolling the virtues of the "woomba" which causes me fits of giggles!!

on the fiber front, not much is happening. My studio is being flooded from above and below. The roof is leaking big time, with steady rain for 24 out of the last 25 days. And yesterday, the drain started backing up when the clothes washer emptied. A bit of a depressing state of affairs. Plus, I had to rip out about 14 inches of the neverending stole due to a huge mistake for a distance of about 6 inches... which even i and my casual approach to life could not ignore. tried to make myself believe that it wouldn't be noticeable, but that didn't work! spent some time yesterday looking at websites in Crete... sigh.... after hearing that there had been a 6.9 earthquake there on sunday. seems there was minimal damage to buildings in Hania, but Elena said no problems in Vamos.