Thursday, March 26, 2009

wisdom of today

"Politics is like the circus..  The worst job is cleaning up after the elephants."  -James Carville

Sunday, March 22, 2009

that was then

Victoria, BC... sometime around dawn some weekend in 1973 or so..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

quilt progress

well, the front (fun) part is done.. onward now to the back and putting the whole thing together!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ides of march

i think i'm in one of those sluggish cycles... so if i owe you a phone call or email, i probably DO know it and just haven't done anything about that knowing.  but i will... really i will.

this is a photo of a quilt i'm working on.  the idea came from one of my (many)quilting books
that showed what they called "liberated houses"... meaning they hold very little likeness to reality, very primitive, and using lots of color.  fits me to a T (or tea? or tee?).  i ended up doing some of the blocks with trees and a couple with people (kids?).  this will be my nap quilt and the next one in the Q will be Jim's nap quilt.

here's the latest addition to our tradition of a photo of Anna and me whenever we get together.  we've been doing this for YEARS, and last time i visited her in Boise she had an array of them out for my amusement!  it's like having an index tab in a journal... each photo brings up a segment of time, history and memories!  i sure am glad we've kept on doing this thru all these
years!!  we've decided we should go back to Victoria BC and repeat a set of photos we took there and we'll have a "then" and a "how'd we get this damn old?".  actually, when i get my new printer and have a scanner that fucking works with this computer, i'll scan the "then".

Saturday, March 07, 2009

blessed event

and what could be cuter than babies?  talkin' about guinea pig babies, and the grandkids were absolutely thrilled... Kate? not so much!   she had taken pains when looking for a companion to the first piggie that it be another female, because she did not want to deal with litters of little piggies.  (can't blame her there!)  so about 3 weeks after Ella came to share a cage with Lenny, Kate went to feed them one morning and found 3 tiny newborn guinea pigs which look just like Ella.  so, doubting any kind of divine intervention, the conclusion is that Ella brought them with her when she moved in.  they really are cute ... or just adorable, as Z would say.
Zylie was so excited about the babies, she drew a picture of the event!  i love it!!
thanks, Kate, for letting me use your photos....