Friday, December 19, 2008

it keeps on coming

just because it's there, i took some photos of the snow today!  there should be some lovely photo ops in the next few days... when we get more snow and then freezing rain.  it is just beautiful how it coats the trees and is all sparkley... and then the branches break and take down the power lines... and then we have no electricity or phone.  any guesses where i'd rather be right now?  like where the temperature is in the high 60s and it might be raining, but it's WARM dammit!
this is the view out the living room window.

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Terry said...

oh come on Queenie! Heat isn't all it is cracked up to be. Altho I must admit to being a native Californian(those of us born here first generation after the Native Americans/Mexican people)think mmmmmmmmmmmmm 22, 20,18 degrees snow, ice lovely, Christmas Card is over return to California weather.

It fails to raise humor when one needs to trudge to the barn at night.