Saturday, March 07, 2009

blessed event

and what could be cuter than babies?  talkin' about guinea pig babies, and the grandkids were absolutely thrilled... Kate? not so much!   she had taken pains when looking for a companion to the first piggie that it be another female, because she did not want to deal with litters of little piggies.  (can't blame her there!)  so about 3 weeks after Ella came to share a cage with Lenny, Kate went to feed them one morning and found 3 tiny newborn guinea pigs which look just like Ella.  so, doubting any kind of divine intervention, the conclusion is that Ella brought them with her when she moved in.  they really are cute ... or just adorable, as Z would say.
Zylie was so excited about the babies, she drew a picture of the event!  i love it!!
thanks, Kate, for letting me use your photos....


Terry said...

I take it that the form to the far right bottom is Ella with "child"? Great drawing!

Well now it appears that a "pig rodeo" is in order considering that the offspring may be, um how does one state this in polite company?

Congrats greatgramma!

Sandy said...

yep... i should have labeled the drawing... that is indeed Ella on the lower right, giving birth! the look on her face tells it all.