Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dyeing again....

today i began the process of resurrecting my dye studio, beginning with the banishing of wet dogs left here to dry off after their morning walk!  in the cleaning out mania last summer in preparation for putting the house on the market, there were lots of things that got sent to recycle or banished to the dump, and now i'm having trouble finding my most favorite old old very old beat up roaster pan for steaming.  i think it's just plain gone, never to be found.  i did find, however, many jars of what used to be dye stock solution and through evaporation had become dye powder again.  i put boiling water in them and returned them to solution state...  and on friday will try the grand experiment of pouring them on fiber and see what happens.  my intuition says they will still do the job, proving that the colors will be true... and light- and wash-fast after a year of sitting in my studio through the heat of summer and a very cold winter.  so, tomorrow, after doctor appt, then lunch with my brother Curbhead, i'll go to good will in search of another roaster pan.. and any other bargains too good to pass up.  and i'll post the results of the grand experiment.

regarding fiber dyeing and color, i was looking through Dazzling Knits by Patricia Werner and read this, which so well expresses my thoughts on putting colors together.. "No one dies, fortunes aren't lost, wars don't spontaneously ignite if you put hot pink next to yellow!  You learn in the doing..... Have fun and don't take colors too seriously."   There's lots in this book that i really love!!

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Terry said...

Have a blast Queenie!

We are off to look at property today. The first CCOF in Mendocino County-wish us luck!