Tuesday, July 14, 2009

some highlights from the road trip!!

the day after the huge outdoor quilt show in Sisters, (rumored to have 1300 quilts on display), Jane, Linda and I drove over to Seneca to visit Teresa and Jack Southworth.


a view of the cattle ranch from the house.  wish i'd gotten some photos around the house of all the flowers and the veg. garden.

here's some of their sheep.

a quilted car cozy... not exactly the hit of the show for me... but certainly interesting!  i can't even imagine anything that would get me interested in doing a project like this!

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Lynne said...

Just look at you all! Long sleeves in July??? Great to see Teresa! Looks like you had a blast. Beeeeeyooteeful ranch. Ah, to see the wide, open spaces. Whar's mah horse, ma? I'm a fixin to riiiiiide.