Friday, September 04, 2009

lunch at Maggie's Buns

belatedly, i took my brother, Bud, for his birthday lunch today at one of our favorite places.... a small funky eatery in lovely downtown Forest Grove, OR! It started out as mainly a place to have really heavenly cinnamon buns and other yummy items baked right there on the premises by... of course... Maggie. it has evolved to include a large menu of excellent (really!) and unusual food not usually found in small town America. you can select from the dishes shown in the case... from sandwich wraps to lasagna to pasta dishes, greek salad and several varieties of salads, and too much to even begin trying to name. i've never had a bad meal there. and in the winter they make Hungarian Mushroom soup that is the best EVER! the decor of the place really appeals to me (but then i adore anything with pink flamingoes theme...if that gives any clues to my "taste"). it's funky and kitsch and must be seen to believe.

and in honor of the birthday occasion, i got a photo of Bud, known affectionately by me as "Curbhead", and yes, there is a story behind that.

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goatldi said...

Must say u r right! Having been a lucky traveler to Maggie and her buns it was a blast.

Now tell us about the nickname?