Monday, July 12, 2010

fiber, frog, fruit.. tra la

fiber: I spent some time last week in my studio... doing some dyeing, sorting thru stash (including fibers i'd totally forgotten about) (and one nice thing about the "forgetting" affliction is that when i find it again, it's like all new and exciting!), packaging up some interesting combinations, washing some of the coopworth lamb fleece and 3rd cut mohair i'd bought at BSG.

and while i was watering a hanging basket filled with a lush abundance of thyme and lemon thyme... out popped a sweet little tree frog which i'm choosing to believe is the tree frog from last year, even tho i have no idea what their life span and/or hibernating habits are (yes, i know, jfgi). whatever... i was delighted to see her again!

and fruit!! i found a fruit stand which still had good looking strawberries... probably the last of the season unless i can find some of the ever-bearing variety. and these did not disappoint! i made another batch of freezer jam and had plenty left for just plain ole juicy eating. it's been years since i did any fruit preservation of any sort, so it was like the way-back machine to my pioneer-woman days when i'd stay up half the night to finish canning the fruit which was at that perfect stage of ripeness and couldn't be ignored. and besides... that was in the days before we put in the heat pump (AC) and the kitchen was hotter than the hinges at high noon in hell, so nighttime canning was preferable to sweltering thru the heat of the day in the kitchen!

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