Thursday, March 17, 2011

what's going on

well, for one thing weather finally warmed up enough that i could spend some time in my studio.  a friend wanted me to dye some bright superwash BFL for her to spin for socks.  after doing that (of which i do not have a photo), i just kept on pouring color onto white fiber... and this ---> and this is part of the result.  the turquoise and blue make me think of the sky and waters of Crete  and of course, the sun!

and i couldn't stop after i went through all the superwash.  there was also a bag of BFL/tussah silk.  Jim wants me to knit him the Sakori vest from Folk Vests (Interweave Press), so i dyed some of this fiber for the vest... and of course, spun some of it before it was even quite dry.  i love it!  next to see how it looks knitted up.
and i've also been watching things grow... unexpected things.  i had a ginger root which started growing a nub/sprout thing as it lay neglected and unused on the counter.  i put it in a pot of dirt and just barely covered it with dirt, leaving the sprouty thing exposed... and just look what's happening here.  i don't suppose there's a remote chance of it growing up and living in this climate, but it's amusing me for the time being.  also have a sweet potato suspended in a glass of water which has been growing and trying to take over the kitchen window sill.  straight from The Little Shop of Horrors!!

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