Sunday, April 03, 2011

blogging from Crete

i've been unable to find a satisfactory way to upload photos from my iPad to this blog... or to one on Xanga, a new one on Wordpress, and probably one or two others that have gotten lost
in the muddle of trying many different "solutions". it is looking like i can upload to flickr and the link (if it works) is above. if you try that link and you get to a photo of Meika and one of Bud with Elsa, then it does work and i can upload there and link to new photos, which is a way convoluted way to do it and it totally pisses me off that this is not the simple blogging with photos that i envisioned when i bought this gizmo. other than this pothole, i do like my iPad and am having fun using it. so... if all this works out, i'll put a link in the side bar.

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