Tuesday, April 30, 2013

count-down - 48 hours

so what am i doing writing a blog post when there's still lots to do before thursday.  i can't even find my do-it list anymore.  maybe i packed it??  actually i am feeling pretty organized until i have a momentary flash of oh dear goddess what is it i've forgotten?  but this is my moment to just sit awhile and chill.

no blessed event in the greenhouse yet.  wondering how i would know if the preying mantis case of young uns is a dud or there are actually hundreds of little mantis nymphs about to break thru and feast on that nasty aphid infestation on the arugula and spinach.  after tomorrow, i'll just turn it over to Lauren-the-dog-and-house-sitter and let her watch for the blessed event.

got my new slip-on comfy travelin' shoes yesterday.  wore them all day yesterday and can now declare them to be comfortable and travel-worthy!

on thursday we fly to Vancouver, BC and from Vancouver to London to Hamburg, then stay there for 2 nights, and on sunday Soren will pick us up and take us to his home in Sonderborg, Denmark for 6 days.  Soren was an exchange student and lived with us for part of his year here, and we've stayed in touch since (1987) with visits from him and our visits to see his HS graduation, wedding, and again after he had kids.  he became my semi-son and i love him like a son!!  anyway, he has arranged for us to stay in his uncle's house while we're there.  also, Chris, Kate, A and Z will meet us there and we'll travel together from there.  the next stop is the Greek Peloponnese for a week, then drive north to Arachova, close the Mt Parnassus and also go to Delphi where i will try to find the Oracle as i have some things to ask her.  from there, drive to Athens and fly to Hania, Crete and back to the village and people we love... Vamos!  i will then take a vacation from my vacation and do totally nothing for a few days, except wander down to Boumosifi taverna for good food and raki and hangin' with friends.  i'm really looking forward to this adventure!!

Soren posted a photo on fb of uncle's house where we'll stay.

i'm planning on posting some photos and stories from the trip... that makes it easier for me to remember where i've been.... which becomes progressively foggier trying to remember what i did last week, let alone a year or more ago.  there's parts of this aging thing that just aren't pretty or fun!  so bravo for photos and blogs!

see ya on the flip side......

p.s. and a bonus is that our dear friend, Sarah Hauser will be on the same flight with us from pdx to
vanc to london!  bravo!  hi Sarah

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