Friday, February 14, 2014

our new Husky!

Jim has been searching online for a couple of months for a Siberian Husky... mostly thru rescue sites and shelters.  this guy came to live with us yesterday, brought here by the woman who had rescued him from a shelter and has had him for 2 months.  she really seemed to love him, but he has proven himself to be very aggressive toward cats and she has 2 cats!  his name is Timber... probably as in "TimberWolf" and we are calling him Timba.  he is about 1 1/2 years old, very sweet and very smart.  seems to learn quickly, tho one steep learning curve is about cruising counter tops and getting into whatever is there.  we have some learning to do, too.  don't leave anything food related where he can possibly get to it.  he is already strongly bonded to Jim... lies by the door if Jim goes out, and waits until he comes back in.  the biggest problem is
Tasha who is just not sure she wants Timba living in her territory.
i think they are working it out and hope that is resolved soon!

and Jim gets left home with the dogs while i go to the beach with my sisters for a long weekend.  we love these sisters' weekends and do them as often as we can.  this time is to Hammond at the coast, close to Fort Stevens.  with the heavy rain forecast, i predict a lot of time will be spent indoors watching  movies, munching good stuff and drinking good wine!

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