Friday, October 31, 2008


this is a photo of the town square, where we had dinner last night.

life is sweet and it's kinda strange, too.  I'm sitting in the Bloumosifi taverna at 4pm local time, drinking ouzo, connected by some wireless magic to the internet, having enjoyed a sunny day in the low 80's (which is really unusual for end of Oct. even in the hills in NW Crete).  On my computer i'm tuned in to Rachel Maddow's interview (yesterday) with Barack Obama.  I'm happy here.... and i'm homesick for my nest (which is up for sale!) and my kids and grandkids and family and friends and sweet dogs.  hmmm... perhaps the ouzo has taken over some of my brain cells...



Sounds like heaven to me. We've also had the hottest October on record. It's been in the high 80's and 90's for the past month. Will summer never end? Glad to hear that you are able to keep connected to what's happening here. I've been watching Countdown and Rachel M. everyday -- can't get enough of it. What a great place for you to be -- your lovely little town in Crete. I am really enjoying the pictures.

Sandy said...

ahhh.. endless summer!

i really miss my Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Keith and Rachel!! but get smatterings of that on my computer .