Saturday, January 31, 2009

real estate

Tim-the-real-estate-broker called early last week to tell us an agent wanted to show our house on Sunday (tomorrow), then called back on Thursday to say there'd be another showing on Friday.  This requires, of course, that the house be spot-less, with no dogs or any sign of dogs around, the kitchen counters absolutely bare.... tidy, neat, clean, not my strong suit by any stretch!  so, i looked around and sighed a few times... then summoned my inner cinderella, and together with the mister, we got 'er done!  and you know, like when it rains, it pours?  on friday morning in the midst of this massive cleaning effort, some guy drives up and says he saw the for sale sign and could he please come in and look around??  he showed quite a bit of interest... but, we'll see... talk's cheap.
And beings as we have to be away from the house during a showing, we took our laptops and went to a cafe in Banks which has a wireless connection... and it felt like magic had been visited upon my computer!  I got 6 software updates downloaded, plus 3 other many-megabyte things, plus 5 books from audible, checked my email, read much of Huffington Post, and played a couple of games of solitaire, all in about 2 hours.  On my dialup at home, all those downloads would take at least 72 hours... HA!   how i do love wireless connection!  Tomorrow, we'll take my dad out for lunch while there are strangers in my house.  I'm so ready to have this step of the process done so we can move on to getting a house built in Duvall, get moved up there and be out of this limbo!  aarrrghh

If you are so inclined, please keep your digits crossed and hopes high that there will be a home buyer with money this weekend who will make us an offer that we cannot refuse.  and IF everything happened to move along as i wish, we could maybe possibly even go to Crete for easter again in April.  i'm certainly not counting on it... but would be delighted if it worked out that way.

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