Monday, January 05, 2009


I have pulled out of the pile of UFOs, this unfinished cardigan which was started in 2005, and has gone through lots of revisions and rippings.  Part of its problem (well... MY problem) is that i started it with no pattern and just a kind of glimmer of an idea of how it should look at the end of the journey.  It seems that it will  become a square neck, shortish, boxy cardigan in stockinette with 2 or 3 inches of garter stitch along the bottom and sleeve edges.  there will also be garter along the front edges and around the neck.  the main part of the knitting is finished, with half a sleeve and the finishing trim to do yet.  this time i'm determined to finish it and not send it back to unfinished limbo!!  after all, most of the yarn is purchased stash and is wool, silk and cashmere, and rather spendy.  the color work is mostly done in my handspun, also wool and silk and some cashmere.  so, now i've made a public declaration and i will have to finish it!

(top photo is front, 2nd one is back)

Also, i've now had almost a week of liberation after being confined to home with a driveway sporting about 18 to 20 inches of snow and an inability to get out of here.  it's not a bad place to be confined if the confinement is MY choice rather than out of my control (ah ha.. "control" is the big issue here!)  Anyway, at the point of my sanity being seriously in jeopardy, i was able to go out last monday, after 2 weeks of being snowed in.  and what did i do?  well, i went shopping, of course... Costco and Fred Meyer.  and since xmas was pretty much cancelled here due to snow and no electricity, we had the family holiday dinner on new years day.  but Chris and Kate and kids weren't able to get down here til next weekend, so we'll have more celebration then!

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Terry said...

I need to do the same. Have a large tub of sock yarn calling my name. But first to finish Brey's sweater and get it sent down to her, almost done.

New stuff on my blog - newsy e-mail later.