Monday, April 20, 2009

twisted sisters at the beach

Jane seems to have a real talent for getting wrapped up in her fibers.  and look at that gorgeous yarn!  this is from a kit with pattern (from Dicentra) to make a "stained glass" scarf/shawl.

see the empty space on the sofa?  Laurie, Linda and Jane were waiting for me to sit there, while i fooled around trying to set the timer on my camera and get there so we could have a photo of the fearless four.  by the time i had that figured out, the camera battery ran out of its ooomph.

i caught Jan holding up the wall.  she was able to be there for 1 of the 3 nights.  we missed all the twisted sisters who couldn't be there and tried to do their share of spinning, laughing, knitting, grazing and all those things that twisted sisters do.  as usual, we had late nights, too much food, lots of fiber, much laughter, wine, movies, planning for future adventures and a totally fine time!  oh, and it was a glorious sunny weekend and there was even some beach walking done... i won't say how much or by whom.

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