Thursday, April 02, 2009


the next quilting project will be a nap quilt for Jim, hopefully completed in time for his birthday in May.  This fabric immediately made me think of a dinner table in Vamos, Crete, and i thought Jim would like it with that fine array of bottles of wine.  i'm not sure yet of the design of it, but also got a variety of fabrics with grapes, and with olives, figs, tomatoes, limes which looked good.

and my house nap quilt is finished and works very well... i've already had a couple of 2-hour naps under it... mmmm, i do love naps and the quilt is so warm and comfy.... mmmmm

my fiber life hasn't been exercised much lately, especially spinning.  i can't find a chair that's comfortable enough to keep my back and hip from aching, and despite having an over-abundance of yarn in many colors and weights, i haven't received any inspiration from my muse, so i just keep on admiring the stash and fondling it occasionally!  waiting waiting waiting

i'm still awaiting the beauty and uplift that is spring.  driving around this week (yep... i did get out into the world this week!) i found an abundance of glory in the blossoming trees.  there's been not much sunny and warm weather to tell me that it's spring.  i haven't even seen the first hummingbird of the season and they usually appear around the 4th or 5th of March.  but those bloomin' trees!!... one of those simple gifts....

dome central... my queendom... no action... no offers.  we didn't re-list with our realtor when the listing time was up and will probably try the "for sale by owner" route and see what happens.  yep, the market is bad and yadda yadda yadda, but i hate this limbo and will be so happy when we can go on to the next step/adventure, which we cannot do until the house is sold.  i'm sure hoping for some time in crete in the fall.  i was looking at the Vamos SA website site (link in right hand column) last night... all those lovely sunny photos and scenes of our village...and thinking of spring and easter there...  and the rain here was coming down in torrents.

anyone who knows me, knows i've never been a flag-wavin'-rah-rah-patriot kind of person and have, in fact, when we've been out of the country in the past few years,  been embarrassed to admit to being an American.  however, since the election in november and the inauguration in january, my pride has increased.  my cynicism is even decreasing.  and watching the MSNBC news tonight, and seeing our president and first lady out there "in the world" reflecting honesty and humility and realness of character, i really did feel hope that we can regain a place of trust again in the world, and not be thought of as war-mongering ugly american hypocrites.    i really do feel that Barack Obama will be instrumental in big changes!!  oh my dear goddess, it feels so dorky to even write this.  well, now i'm all verklempt... talk among yourselves.

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