Tuesday, February 02, 2010

sunny day!

not a very common happening in february, but on tuesday it was a warm and sunny day. on my way out to the greenhouse, i spotted these tiny flower sproutlets that had started from a seed head of one of my fave flowers of last summer. (don't remember its name)

in december Jim had planted salad greens in the greenhouse.... which is not temp controlled and is covered in clear plastic and not really weather proofed. then came snow and several days of temps in the teens. we hadn't gone back to check on the progress as we just assumed that no baby plant would survive that. wrong!!! although many had not made it thru freeze and no watering, some were alive and thriving! what a surprise!

i'm glad now that we neglected the end-of-season cleaning up of the garden. there is a beauty in those old seed heads on the dead flowers.

a self-seeded poppy and more of those tiny plantlets.

another seed head with sprouts growing in it. that one is going to the greenhouse and we'll see what it produces.

this one, too..... altho it might be queen anne's lace, which is an abundant weed.

you can see what a bright and clear day it was.... sigh...

and then the reality of winter. i think it's name is hellebore, also called december rose. but i did feel the promise of spring that day... and it made me happy.


Sarah said...

It is a hellebore, but Lenten Rose not Christmas Rose. And here it is, almost Lent, and the hellebores are in full bloom! Love ya' Sarah

Sandy said...

thanks, Sarah!