Thursday, February 11, 2010

more or less

it's always kind of daunting to get back to the blog after 2 weeks... esp. when i actually DID something away from home (i don't get out much, ya know). so, i'll just jump in even though it may all turn out in jumbled fashion.

took amtrak to Seattle last Wed and Kate picked me up at the station. one stop on the way to duvall to get patches for Z's brownie uniform. for dinner that night Chris and Alex fixed up a luscious salad... tho you can't see it, there is romaine lettuce under there. also grilled some chicken. Z wanted to know just who it was and was reassured to know it was not from their little flock of chickens. that didn't make it "right" to be eating something that had once been living, but it was not one she knew.

one of the first things i did was admire all the fabulous dyed fibers and Kate's newest "toy"... an electric skein winder! even got to use it while i was there!

a new fiber that Kate has been dyeing is BFL blended with tussah silk... and what a lovely blend that is. shiny and soft and spins like buttah and i love it! lucky me! she shared some with me. and i think it will probably work well with my next project (the Kaffe Fasset "Poppy" vest or sweater).

and good news while i was there... Chris accepted a job offer with Clearwire and starts march 1. i think this is a little bit bitter-sweet, as he seems to have enjoyed being at home the past 9 months and has gotten really involved in the running of the fiber business, besides having all kinds of time to do stuff with the kids.

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