Saturday, March 13, 2010

all about poppies

I've got enough knitted on the poppy sweater that i can put up a photo. first is a photo of the poppy vest from a Kaffe Fasset (or is that 2 t at the end?) So i'm using the poppies on a knit-in-the-round sweater pattern, in which i'll have to make 3 steek cuts.... but i ain't a'skeered as Pam Harris would say... and she's totally fearless! and i decided to do duplicate stitch for the center of the poppy rather than deal with carrying that much more yarn across the back. the dup. st. should be a little less a pain in the ass than weaving in all those extra ends. anyway, i think i'll like this sweater a lot!

2 and 1/2 weeks til we leave and if we are very very lucky, we will fly into Athens on a day when there are no strikes going on. it seems there have been riots and protests which include strikes that shut down the airports, ferries and taxis. the horrid state of the economy in Greece has prompted the government to want to institute some "fixes" which are highly unpopular with the public, leading to the protests. Usually the strikes don't last more than a day, and often only a few hours. their economic problems can evidently be blamed on graft and corruption and greed in the government and large institutions.... sound familiar? but i won't go into that rant now!



Incredibly lovely knitting!!! The colors are spectacular.

Fruen said...

It looks very beautiful. It reminds me of this: