Tuesday, March 09, 2010

just another monday

though it is significant in that today i finished my part of the tax return... which was no strain since i'm so close to completely retired that the amount of fiber/yarn i've sold is quite small because i just haven't been dyeing very much... because i'm so almost retired, so most of the time i've spent in my dye studio is because i just want to put some color on white fiber. and only when i want to. and i do love that feeling of freedom. and now that it is tuesday... it is just 3 weeks til i leave for Crete. we'll be there for easter again, which is very interesting because of all the ritual that goes on and also because of the wonderful feasting and gatherings of families and friends which i do hope we'll be part of again!!

here's some of the fiber i've dyed recently which will go to Northwest Wools this week. the yarn is merino/bamboo and is fabulous sock yarn. the other is blue faced leicester wool and tussah silk which has become my most favorite fiber to spin! it almost spins itself... so soft and shiny... ummmm! i just can't quit! and besides, a little walkin' around money is a good thing.


Lorajean said...

beautiful! I love the fiber. I hope you have a great time in crete, I look forward to the sunny pictures!


Your rovings are stunning, as usual. And OMG! the colors of the sock yarn are so lovely -- my favorite color combinations, greens with jewel tones. There is no doubt, your mojo is still on!

Sandy said...

aw, thanks to you both!!! makes me happy to hear i've still got some of that mojo!