Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Last Saturday noon we went to Tillamook. one of Linda's customers had invited her to come to a knit-in there and have a Twisted Sister book signing... and also told her to bring some yarn, patterns, fibers etc to sell. there were 4 of us to do the signing. there were probably 50 or so people sitting around tables in the Public Market
knitting and chatting. the market is in a restored old building in downtown Tillamook, and has been set up to accommodate vendors and food and drink sellers. it is a really nice venue for small business/home businesses to sell their wares and at $200 a month rent is a good way for them to see if they have a saleable product or even want to do retail.

Jan gave me some sort of idle warning about not putting a photo of her here.... but i did it. i ain't askeered. so... here's Jan, Steph and Linda.

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