Monday, February 21, 2011

low on memory?slow synapses? rusty brain cells?

or perhaps the ole brain is just overloaded and it takes longer to cram new things in there.  last week i bought an iPad and since i've been using macs for years and years and it's all seemed quite intuitive, this may be a horse of another garage.  it's taking s-o-o-o lo-o-o-o-n-n-g to figure out how things work on this new beast.  i keep going back to the user's guide, then can't remember what i just read long enough to practice doing it on the iPad.  i have slowly and painfully figured out how to download and install something called "dropbox", which enables me to send patterns and files from my macbook up into the stratosphere somewhere and then coax them to come down to the iPad.  eventually, i even got them into my iBook.... after i finally figured out where in the hell it was hiding.  part of the problem in my vision, which i'd really really hoped would be all perfect... near, far and inbetween... after new lenses got implanted in my eyeballs.... it's not.  i bought a pair of cheapo magnifying "readers" glasses and of course, cannot keep track of where in the hell they are.  i'm for sure getting my exercise by going up and down the stairs looking for them.  if i perch them on top of my head, they fall off... pulling out some of my hair on the way.  i did go to the optometrist and will pick up the new glasses tomorrow.  bravo!!  but it's been a huge disappointment that my vision is not perfect now... tho it is very nice to see how bright the world is when i'm not looking thru tan and cloudy lenses.

and here's the other thing that's taxing my brain these days.  i'm really really trying to learn to speak Greek.  we got the Rosetta Stone computer program several years ago and both of us worked on the lessons for awhile... then slacked off.  i think it is a good program and if i can keep doing my lessons for at least an hour every day, i just might have some success.  i've missed a few days, but am finally getting past "the automobile is white.  no, the automobile is not white, the automobile is blue" lessons, which is a good thing as that phrase is quite difficult to work into a conversation.  much better chance of working in "the man and the woman are dancing."

so... tomorrow the dentist, pick up the new glasses, take advantage of the 50% off sale at Joann's to get fabric to make a travel skirt (loose and with big pockets!  comfort is the goal..__), skip the bank to put in $$$ to pay for the iPad because it's a holiday and they are closed, stop at Freddies to stock up on groceries so we'll have eats and drinks when we get snowed in on Thursday... well, that's the prediction anyway... 4 to 5 inches of it.  and i don't mind it at all if i don't have to go out.  and if per chance the power goes off, Jim will get to try out the generator.  might even work in a stop at good will... monday is usually a good day at good will.

better go rest up those brain cells... they are very tired tonight!


goatldi said...

cells is that what i am missing? glad to hear your good attitude about the west coast version of the east coast winter of hell on ice. we are on the agenda also and since there are yet no kids on the ground i for one am looking forward to it. o.k. slap me!

Sandy said...

yep, the attitude is good as long as i have food and drink in the house and no need to go anywhere! got any kids yet???

goatldi said...

we got snow now we have rain. mendo is famous for rain and pot. no kids yet. lost two does three days apart-very sad it was.

any pictures of the skirt or is it too early for that?