Sunday, February 06, 2011

twisted sisterhood

fiber, friends and of course, food!  put 'em all together and we get a lovely time.

Jane - plying yarn for a sweater project she's planning.
Jane - check out the socks....
today i focused mostly on our hands and what they were creating.
Jane's yarn

Kate spinning her handdyed BFL/silk blend

Laurie's super gorgeous handspun knit shawl

Linda knitting a swatch (for why, i just can't remember)

Lynn - the fastest most productive spinner i've ever known!

Lynn spinning
Rachael - knitting a baby blanket!

Stephanie spinning some fabulous Dicentra fiber

Steph and Jan - a mom and daughter moment.....

Steph's bobbin o'yarn.

Sue spinning

Sue's fiber

and her beautiful yarn!

Jan - i love this photo!

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