Friday, October 21, 2011

i'm baaaack from Montana

last week we rode Amtrak to Whitefish, Montana... got back this afternoon.  it really was a great week! Kate and the grandkids drove up from WA and spent the week with us.  had a nice little place thru our time-share.  the leaves were changing color and yellow was the predominate color, which was gorgeous, but it did seem strange not to see the variety of reds, oranges, browns of the leaves around here.  most days were sunny... or part-sunny ... and close to 60s... no rain or snow!!

roadside information about Lake McDonald

we really lucked out on the day we chose to drive up to Glacier National Park... very clear and sunny day.  and not many other cars headed in that direction.  the big bummer thing was that the road was closed up into the area where we could have seen the actual glaciers... not because of snow, but because this is the time it's best to get road maintenance and repair done.  we did find lots of beauty, photo ops and chances for the kids to do some running around.  including driving around about 3/4 of Lake McDonald.

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