Saturday, October 22, 2011

more Montana

we saw LOTS of bears (none of them alive!!) and mooses (what IS the plural?  spellcheck says that's not right).  anyway, the kids were very patient about posing for pics for their mom and gramma.  i was totally surprised that Z would even go into a place where there were stuffed animals, esp. heads hanging on the wall.  she loves animals very very much, and doesn't like any form of anything that was once living.  doesn't even like museums or anyplace where there are figures of the human form.  needless to say, she doesn't like dolls either...

anyway, we were in a steakhouse near Whitefish which had a sign out front welcoming hunters.  think we should have known what the decor would be??  the dinner was wonderful, but i could have done without all the mounted heads of moose, deer, long-horned sheep on all the walls.

Kate, Jim and i visited the Black Star brewery in downtown Whitefish.  good beer... i tried the Wild Huckleberry (samples are freely offered) then had a glass of the Frog Hop which was a nice pale ale.  and, yes, i did buy a teeshirt.

Jim enjoyed his porter... isn't that a cute photo!  i love it!!

another moose... placed on a shelf up above the lobby.. strange.    this one is at the local theater where we saw "39 Steps" which was a slap-stick and silly comedy... which we liked.

stay tuned... more montana to come.

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