Saturday, November 19, 2011


 for Anna, Judy and Pam... so they can see what's going on with this latest project, which eventually will hang on a wall.  i've discovered the joy of fusing fabric and it is SO much fun.  and i have a huge collection of old watches, most of them i've worn at some time and some are old watches that DeDe, my 2nd mom, had stashed away.  also, i have my mom's and my grandmother's watches. i've always wanted to do something with them, so here is the project.  and it is called "it's about time", with references to old time-worn sayings (sorry) (not really) and quotes relating to time... "time flies", "time on my hands" etc.  if you have any you'd like to suggest.. please leave a comment.  all suggestions are welcome!

so, i've been busy fusing pieces of fabric, cutting out shapes trying to find the best placement for them.  so far, the only thing that's been fused to the background is the tree.  everything else is awaiting its permanent location.  at the bottom right i have pieces i've cut from a very worn and ragged quilt that my great-grandmother made for me way back at the beginning of time.  the quilt top is so worn out and tattered that there's really no way to restore it, so i decided the best way to honor the work of my great-gramma's hands was to include pieces of the quilt here!  it's hard to see, but there's a watch face there.  also, planning to do some beading and hand stitching.  it's a long-term project and so far i'm enjoying it.

some of the watches and pieces  --------

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