Saturday, November 26, 2011


 the 23rd was our 33rd wedding anniversary... that's a long time and it's been what most marriages are... good times, some not so much, struggles, triumphs, lessons, adventures and enough goodness and love to keep it going.  my very sweet dear dh came home with these flowers (proteas), a whole fresh crab and a delicious after-dinner wine... and fixed dinner for me.  just couldn't ask for more.... winner!!  that was anniversary eve.  on the actual anniversary day, (which was thanksgiving eve),

Chris, Kate and kids arrived and we all went out for Thai dinner in Forest Grove.  then there was the tgiving feast day at Jen and Maggie's home... wonderful family gathering with lots of traditional foods... plus 7 pies (i want to know how that happened because i want a repeat!!)  21 people and 7 pies!?  oh my dear goddess of goodness... i ate so much over the last 3 days that i hurt myself... in a good way... sort of.  and then today is Kate's birthday.  it's probably a good thing that they left for home at about noon, before i could make a cake and arrange more feasting.  i'm not sure i could have done another day of that kind of eating.

anyway... i really love these flowers.  they are really exotic looking and Lynne tells me that if i keep changing the water they will last a really long time.  so i will.


goatldi said...

Conrats! Sounds as if it was a wonderful day. Loosen those waistbands and burp. Will work wonders for both over eating and long term marriages!

Sandy said...

so true! and thanks!!