Monday, May 21, 2012

last day in Crete - Heraklion (5/15/12)

our last night in Crete was spent in Heraklion since we had a 6:30a.m. flight and it was WAY easier to get to the airport from there.  we got there about noon, checked in to our hotel (El Greco) (decidedly a big step down from Village Heights) (but, oh well, it was just one night).  started off down a pedestrian only street toward the harbor, aiming for the History of Crete Museum, tho we didn't really know where it was. got there 2 hours before it closed and found that it was a place we'd have loved to spend the whole day exploring.  a very good representation of Cretan history, including 2 works by El Greco and a room dedicated to Nikos Katanzikas (Zorba The Greek).  on the very top floor was a replica of a typical Cretan home... way back when (i'm so not good about dates). and there were many display cases of the historical textiles, which i of  course found fascinating.  not a good photo of the hand spindles (almost the only example of the making of  the yarn).

 on the tourist map of the area, Jim found a Ben and Jerry's listed, and knowing my love for B&J, that was our first stop!  so i got delicious double chocolate ice cream and was very very happy!

the view from our room was far from scenic, but was the scene for some kind of all-night partying, motorcycles and general neighborhood mayhem.  did not get a lot of sleep in preparation for our 28-hour flight home ordeal.  luckily, after a few weeks of re-entry to life in my queendom, the ugliness of that flight home dims and i start looking forward to the next trip to Crete!  i think it helps that i so much love being in both places that the joy overcomes any pain in the ass of travel feelings!

the harbor is crowded with traffic... boats, cars and pedestrians, tavernas, touristy shops, tour groups trying to follow their leader, and it's all quite breath-taking in many ways!  i never get over the brilliant blues of the sky and the water, contrasted with the angular white of the boats.

and a short distance from the busy-ness of the harbor is an archeological dig in progress, which i so wanted to get down into and explore!!

on a side street close to the hotel we found a nice little taverna, had a last Cretan meal and ouzo.  i'll really miss the ouzo-on-ice-with-water-on-the-side!!

and so,dear diary, i will try to do catch up on our adventures of Fantasy Island as i can.

need more sleep.......

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