Friday, May 18, 2012

roses in Crete

what i loved the best about the last place we stayed in Crete, near Hersonissos, was the abundance of gorgeous roses.  i tried to pick a favorite and just couldn't.  i just wish they'd put labels beside the plants so i'd be able to go out and buy them to put in my rose garden.

what i loved second best was having a REAL shower... wheeee.

when i get really back to reality at home, i'll post some more.

ETA - 5/22/12 -- i was so in love with all those roses that i've already been online with Jackson Perkins and ordered 4 roses which i hope will be delivered SOON!

this is a REALLY old olive tree which must have been there long before the corporation raped this land and put in the resort.  at least they didn't take it out.
 and some photos around the place.  the literature we found in the room says that the place (Village Heights) was built in a way to reflect the old villages of Crete, which just couldn't be further from the look and feel of old Cretan villages.  it seems sad to me that many people come to Crete and see only tourist resorts like this and the touristy villages down the hill by the sea... and never see and experience the real Crete and it's people and culture... and go home believing they've seen Crete.  i sure did love the roses tho!

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