Saturday, December 28, 2013


we got to meet the new puppy when we visited the kids and grkids for xmas.  he is a Chinook and is 5 months old and size-wise is moving in on Tiki, the older Chinook, and is totally and thoroughly a puppy.  gotta say, being with him for 3 days solidified my decision to never ever get a puppy again.  it is not that he isn't cute and adorable, but he can't be left alone for one minute because he is just too curious and ready to check out everything he can reach, giving special attention to anything on a table or counter.  his name is Ky, short for Kyrick.

the owl is Ky's totem animal and on his monthly birthday he gets the owl for a few minutes while photos are taken to record how much he has grown in the past month.

Tiki took over the "mothering" of this pup from the moment they met.  first thing she taught him was how to ask to be let out in the doggie yard by ringing the jingle bell hanging on the door knob.  seems it was really a smart move to get Ky while Tiki is still agile, before she gets too old to wrestle and play.  they also clean each other's ears.  perfect puppy situation!

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