Tuesday, December 31, 2013

yarn and spinning fiber - abundance!

 i spent 2 days engulfed in and overwhelmed by my yarn stash.  had every intention of purging a bunch of it... but my will was just too weak.  my rule when sorting thru and purging is to ask myself: "do i LOVE this yarn?"  if i don't really love it, then it has to go away to someone who will use it.  big problem was that i must not have been in the right frame of mind, because there were only 5 or 6 skeins that i didn't love.  so at least i sorted thru it all, checked for any sign of moths (bravo... no evidence of the pests) and got it somewhat sorted into sport weight, fine yarns, a big basket of really fat yarns, a basket full of yarn that looked interesting enough to use in the near future, and a pile of "almost don't really love it".

looks strange to see a ball of white in with all that color.

most of this yarn is handspun and has been aged for several/many years.  there is a good representation of commercial yarns that i couldn't resist adding to the stash when i was face-to-face with it at some fiber show.

and then there was the spinning fiber.  that bin on the left and the basket on top are packed full.  in the basket is an assortment of exotic and "special" fibers.... silk, yak, cashmere, mohair locks, silk blends.  i don't think i can live long enough to spin it all.... and then comes the question of what the bloody hell will i do with all that yarn.  and here's part of the problem... this represents only a small part of the fibers stashed around this house.

i'm thinking i have a really serious personality flaw.  i have all this lovely fiber and what do i covet in Kate's discard pile?  yep... more fiber.  one braid was alpaca/silk which i have spun up and it is gorgeous and silky and soft, oh my! and yeah, there were 3 others... but they are small bundles. really they are....

this is one of Kate's dyed fibers that came home with me.  i'm such a sucker for bright and shiny.

so even if there were a "recovery program" for this fiber acquisition thing i have going on, i know i wouldn't have anything to do with it.  i love the joy of the colors, the tactile pleasure, the spinning and the resulting yarn.  and i'm not hoarding it... i happily give it to anyone who sees it, loves it and wants to use it.

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