Sunday, January 19, 2014

not Luna

Jim and Tasha took the trip to Woodburn today to Project Pooch to meet Luna and see if she might be the right one for us to adopt.  (see 1/15/14)  Tasha seemed vaguely interested in sniffing her, but Luna returned the gesture with a growl.  seems Luna doesn't much like other female dogs, evidenced by her
behavior toward them at Pooch.  so, after the 2 were observed together by people in charge there, it was decided that this would not be a good match.  they suggested that we try to find a male husky and will be looking for one for us, and in the meantime we will continue our search.

and i'm still in search for the return of my energy and initiative to do something... anything... tho i do feel the stirring need to create something... spinning, knitting, quilting, dyeing... i've only managed to spin most of a braid of fiber i got from Kate at xmas and some practice surface embellishment on fabric.  trying to perfect feathers so they look like light, airy, floaty things... not clumps of random stitches.  also, want to work on hands and spirals for a piece that's in my mind for "soon".  and, of course, i have that huge need/desire to get outside... prune my roses and clean up a lot of pots, dead stuff etc around the beds.  still haven't gained back any of the 6 pounds i lost while in hospital, tho appetite is pretty much back to normal... and i'd sure love some bacon!  takes time, i guess... and i'm not feeling  very patient.

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