Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project Pooch


Siberian Husky
4-5 years old
49 lbs
Needs a home with no childrenLuna needs a home with no cats or other small animals

we feel like we're a 2-dog family and miss Meika in all her Siberian Huskiness, so are looking at finding another Siberian to keep poor lonely Tasha company (and us, too).  Tasha came from Project Pooch approx. 9 years ago, so we checked out again and found Luna looking for a family of her own.  we are still doing the checking into, but she is definitely a good possibility.  now we need to take Tasha with us and go for a visit with Luna.  the next step, if this looks like a good "fit" would be that they would bring her here for a visit and if all goes well, she would have an over-night with us... and then if that goes well, we would adopt her.  can't believe i'm thinking of signing up for lots more years of  wall-to-wall husky hair all over the domain, but they really are wonderful pets and members of the family!  and yes, they indeed DO have attitude!

and another good one from Wild Woman on facebook:.......

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