Sunday, February 08, 2009

a good day!!

though it started too early by my standards, we were up at 8a.m. doing the cinderella routine for a 10a.m. real estate visit (and the inner cinderella is past ready to be done with this summoning).  some real estate rules of conduct say that we must vacate the premises during a visit, so Jim took the dogs out for  long walk and i went to good will and had a successful search!  found a pretty 6-cup tea pot and some fabric yardage for the quilting stash... about 2 yards for 
$3... bravo!  went back home about 11 to get ready for a twisted sister fiber day of spinning, knitting, having show and tell, grazing (of course).  we had almost the complete contingent of sisters, (10 of us) but missed Linda, Lynne and Alina.   it's been many months since we last got together, so we had lots to catch up on.  and the grazing table was, as always, loaded with such good treats.... and oh my dear goddess!  my chocolate needs were very well met.... mmmm.

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Terry said...

Queenie as always I wish you the best with the situation. Having been on the market for almost a year I do understand your pain.

However it is only a temporary set back as the future will loom large with good stuff. I am wondering why your Realtor won't let you be there. We (more often than not G) always is at the homestead. Too many critters not to be in attendance.