Monday, August 17, 2009

to the garden for attitude adjustment

i was feeling very very much the cynical old crone this morning... but i should have known better than try to watch "Meet the Press" at 9a.m. before my brain was fully engaged and caffeinated.  but Rachel Maddow was on the panel, which made me think i wanted to watch the show.  i left 1/2 hour and 1 cup of coffee into it to take a shower and try to wash the insanity away.  i could not wash away the pervading sense that society will never make any progress toward peace and civility as long as we are dealing with the belief that volume and twisted facts trump respect, facts and the ability to have a rational discussion!  damn!  but i was able to put away that despair feeling when i took myself to the garden  and focused on the quietude and peace of my queendom.... ahhhh.  so, my political tv will now be limited to Jon Stewart (for the REAL news) and Stephen Colbert (my favorite "conservative") and Rachel Maddow who actually listens to differing opinions, then comments and discusses without trying to "win" with shouting and off-topic bullshit.

other than the ongoing gopher drama, the garden is looking good and the 2 white eggplants will be harvested this week and possibly combined with sweet, ripe tomatoes from the garden in some kind of tasty Greek dish.  and that blossomed out artichoke has become a gathering place for bumble bees the past few days.  a few yellow jackets have found it, too.

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