Friday, January 01, 2010

bucket list

rather than make new year's resolutions, which i don't do anymore because i never did keep them, so why bother in the first place, i will instead start my bucket list

... my bucket list will be filled with things i want to do before i kick the bucket, which is of course inevitable but i'm hoping is not about to happen any time soon.
(these are in no particular order)

1 - sky diving. yes, me jumping out of an airplane which is way high up in the air, with a parachute.

2 - travel some more ... to places i haven't seen yet. to Spain, Japan, Falkland Islands (will add more as the fever strikes)

3 - learn to speak Greek well enough to put a sentence together with all its parts and in the proper tense.

4 - knit something that actually fits (me or someone else) because i planned it out before starting and didn't change those plans mid-stream.

5 - ice skate in Rockefeller Center.

6 - live in Crete for a year.

there's more ideas floating around in my brain. just need to grab 'em and formulate them. so, the bucket list is a work in progress... more to come.

i just checked the weather in Hania, Crete. it's 64F and sunny and will be in the 70s this week.
i would really really enjoy that!

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