Monday, January 18, 2010

how do i get thru these grey, rainy, gloomy, rainy, windy, sometimes cold, grey days of winter in the pacific northwest? i go to Trader Joe's and get a beautiful bunch of flowers for 4 bucks, and maybe a bottle of 2-buck-Chuck. and i pull out bright, happy fabrics and spend hours lookin' at them and planning the next
project. then there's the wall o' yarn which yields many sunny choices! hmmm - there seems to be a theme here for helping me keep my sometimes tenuous grip on sanity and socially acceptable attitude.

it is fascinating the effect color has on my attitude and coping-with-winter ability. i can feel a palpable lift on a grey day when i pull out bright colored yarn, fiber or fabric.... or better yet, go to my studio and pour bright colors on white fiber... and all this is SO much cheaper and more fun than mental health therapy. perfect day = something colorful to work on, good music or a good book to listen to and chocolate! possibly this is all a bit simplistic and pollyannaish, but there are days when all i want is a way to feel happy and not think about the grim realities and meanness of the world. it's like looking for that feeling of peace that comes with cuddling a baby or snuggling a puppy. for today, you can call me pollyanna if you wish... i'll enjoy the simple gifts and try to hold on for spring and sunny days!


goatldi said...

as much as i would love to think of you in long blond braids and with a saanen goat by your side pollyanna will not cut it.

however qoa (queen of all) will do and color is awesome in this season of drab.

continue on, sun is coming, light will shine and we are up to 5, count 'em, 5 eggs in two days time!

Sandy said...

thanks, Terry! i knew i could count on you for a good word. wondering why there's so few comments, when i know someone is reading... the stats say so!

congrats on the eggs... didn't know you had chickens.