Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keshy Jacket

just finished this jacket and am very pleased with how it turned out! i pieced the top with asian type fabric from my insanely abundant fabric stash, also using dupioni silk (from the stash, of course). the green to brown varigated fabric looked good with it, so that's the back, sleeves and bottom of the fronts. the pattern is called "Keshy Jacket" and was so simple and fun to make that i just might make another one! sometimes i do wonder if this stash enhancing i do is a serious character flaw. the tendency seems to manifest in all the creative areas of my life... beads, fiber, yarn, stamps, buttons, fabric, books. i'll stop with that before it think of something else. with the quilting/sewing it sure does come in handy tho, because instead of rushing out to the fabric store when i want to quilt i can just "go shopping" in my stash. i love it! so if it's a character flaw... so be it. it makes me happy and brings no harm to anyone else.. so, i'm keepin' it!

pretty good day so far... no rain, no wind, so i did a shopping run. also, went by local credit union to open new accounts there and will soon close out the accounts with my too-big-to-fail bank. i don't like that they use my tax money to award million dollar bonuses to people who already make million dollar salaries. that's just not right!

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