Monday, June 21, 2010

BSG again

it's so lovely to get together with friends... esp. one who shows up from LA and surprises us (SO great to see Alina!) i guess i was so busy with the spinning and talking and shopping and all that i didn't get photos of all the twisted sisters who were there... sigh.... sorry. if anyone did better than i did, please send me your photos and i'll put them up. part of the tradition is our saturday night chinese dinner at Ocean Sky and believe me, it's one that we just don't miss. and the after dinner routine is to gather in someone's motel room and spin, tell stories, drink wine, have a bit of show-and-tell and enjoy!!

dinner at Ocean Sky... not all the pics were any good... here's what i have.


Lynne said...

Nobody makes me laugh like Jane! Just look at her! Who could not laugh along when she's bustin' a gut? Tell me, who?

Terry said...

Thanks for the memories.