Monday, June 21, 2010

more BSG

so much to see and do at the gathering, and of course, overwhelming opportunity to enhance the stash. i was able to control my impulses this year... somewhat... i did buy a newly shorn fleece from an angora goat (sample top left) and a few pounds of a coopworth lamb fleece and one tiny little skein of yarn (not because of any lack of yarn here in my queendom, but because i loved it), and then a meager addition to my spinning fibers... and aren't those colors fabulous?? yes!!

Rachael and i spent several hours wandering in among the animal pens. there was even a week old lamb whose mom was protecting it so well i couldn't get a photo.

and then there was this gorgeous creature... i'm pretty sure it was a wensleydale, tho it's fleece does look like mohair.

and Rach found this sweet fella who was happy to stand still for nose scratches!

this one looks a lot like the angora i got my fleece from, but this one is a little bit darker.

to be continued......

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Lynne said...

What beeeeuteeful animals! That's quite a looker, than angora. And what a beautiful set of dreds that Wensleydale has. Quite lovely indeed.