Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Solstice

it's less than a week away and we've not yet had a real spring! grey skies and showers this morning and then the clouds opened up and dumped, with considerable force, a whole bunch of hail, which should have left all the flowers and garden in total tatters, but by the grace of good karma didn't seem to cause damage. so i got some photos of some of the hail accumulation. if, perhaps, i seem a bit obsessed by weather lately, it's probably because i am! there's just too much grey weather and other gloom and doom... i must wean myself from watching MSNBC (tho i dearly love Rachel Maddow)... between the gulf oil disaster, stoopid insane political inanities, crazy mean people... i'm needing an attitude adjustment. thank goddess for the goodness of the black sheep gathering which starts friday! til then i'll meditate on celestial wormholes and the recent creation of DNA in a laboratory.

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