Monday, November 22, 2010


got a call from a neighbor last night saying he and a friend had picked 2 grocery bags full of chanterelle mushrooms and would we like to have some! i've always liked neighbors Don and Carol, and now they are even higher up on the good neighbor list!!  these are a highly prized gourmet treat, tho i can't say they look very appetizing to me.  i know that they taste yummy, so guess what's on the menu for tonight.....  The instructions are to brush them off - DO NOT wash them - i just don't know about that.

it's snowing and predicted to be very cold with more snow in the next few days.  we have snow tires on the Prius and cable chains for it but i surely do wish i had my 4WD toyota pick-up!  i loved that truck and felt very safe in it, no matter the weather.  ~~sigh~~


Goatldi said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm fungus among us!

snow-lucky you! we had a lovely dusting of snow on the tops of our hills but nothing here.

it is just cold, did i say cold? COLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!

Sandy said...

and tasty fungus it is! and a couple of #s of 'em in the frig!

well, our weather alert team got a bit carried away with their predictions... we did get a bit of snow and now just cold cold cold. you got the alaska blast, too, huh?