Sunday, November 14, 2010

what i did on my winter vacation

of course i started making my fiber nest... looks pretty puny.. but it's just the first day and i hadn't unpacked it all.  stay tuned.  more to come.

now after a couple of days it's beginning to look more like "my nest".
it's reallly realllly cold here and always looks like it's going to snow... kind of grey.  i'm perfectly content to stay inside with spinning, knitting, reading, computering, grazing and wine drinkin'.  we did venture out yesterday in search of the thrift store which supports the nature center and it was packed with all sorts of stuff... from furniture to books to kitchen stuff to a crafts corner where i found a dandy little package of 1/4 yd pieces of fabric and a like-new book on making small quilts and projects.  we have cable tv here, but i'm sad we can't get MSNBC or comedy channel, so no Rachel or Daily Show... but however, we also have wireless so can watch those shows on the computer! 

this is the view from our porch.... we did get some sunny days, tho it's cold and i've been unable to keep my feet warm, even with wool handspun and knit socks!
cute bear in the main lobby at the grand lodge at Sunriver.  he feels all soft and like a plushie,  and i wanted to bring him home with me.  didn't happen!
hope we can get back home before there's any snow!!  we'd planned to leave on thursday, but forecasts of big dumping of snow over the passes brought out my inner weather weenie and we'll leave Wed. a.m and scoot across them mountain passes before the flurries are flying.  will be happy to be home again!!

where i am, Terry, is Sunriver, close to Bend, OR.


Goatldi said...

ok i bite where did you go?

Lorajean Kelley said...

I want to climb in that bag! I love the colors

Goatldi said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Bend, I know someone from Bend. sounds as if you had a good time. I however would have stayed for the snow!