Thursday, November 25, 2010

power - or not

just when it seemed life just couldn't get any more exciting at dome central... we decided to get a generator for when the power goes out, and we KNOW it will go out because this is predicted to be one of the coldest and worst winters in a long long time and that means that our fragile electrical power source will most certainly go out and often, when it is gone, it stays gone for many days because we are far enough out and so at the end of the line when it comes to crews getting out to make repairs!  so, we got one powerful enough to run the small freezer, refrig, microwave, coffee pot, maybe a part-time space heater.... and charge the batteries for our laptops.  so, if the dire predictions do come about, and based on the percentage of accuracy in previous forecasts and "weather alerts", this past week could be the only adverse and way below freezing, power-outage possible bad weather we'll see... but however, we are prepared!!!  and after considering where this generator might be safely housed in order to prevent a human who is tending to it being overcome by carbon monoxide fumes, he decided to build it a little house.  here is the framing of the generator house.  it will have a roof and removable sides (probably tarps).  and this is the exciting news in my queendom.  seriously tho... it will be lovely to have some power for some of those conveniences that make our lives comfortable.  i'm so over that pioneer woman crap and so past the time where i want the challenge of preparing food on the top of the wood stove.


Goatldi said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm does this mean the wood stove is for sale?

Sandy said...

naw - wood stove is still our main heat source when we are powerless. you looking for one?

goatldi said...

yes but not quite yet. we have a lovely fireplace and geoffrey has become the fire king. we are toasty but will need a stove in the future.

could you leave it to me in your will? (running and ducking)